Hi, my name is Sloane Freemont and I’m the host of the Create What You Speak Podcast on Webtalkradio.net. In early 2017, I blew up my life. I mean I completely blew it up. I had a nice home (that I had built) in the midwest, a great career and probably a life that on the outside appeared perfect. It wasn’t. Appearances can only last so long. I was tired. I was sad. I was fed up. And I felt I really had no other choice than to make this massive change in my life and so that is exactly what I did.

There are a few ways to visualize what I did. One would be to see a mushroom cloud in the sky and see a version of myself walking away from the old. Scratching and crawling through all the dust, brokenness and “old aspects” of myself that no longer fit. Picture someone scratching and clawing their way up after an earthquake or some other terrible tragedy. That’s how low I had gotten and as I clawed my way back up, and went from crawling to walking on my knees to fully standing upright, it was like I shed all these old versions of myself to become exactly the person I was meant to be.

This person was hiding there just waiting to come out. She wasn’t the spectator of her own life anymore, she was actually living it. It’s about time. The other picture that comes to mind when I tell anyone the story of what I did, is a funnel cloud or a tornado. You see yourself and your life one way, then the tornado comes through and rips it all to shreds and you come out a different person on the other side. Your perception changes, things get clearer. You are more vocal about what you will and will not take anymore. You make a goddamned decision or two about what is most important in your life and you actually start holding yourself and the people in your life to it. It’s ugly but beautiful at the same time.

Everyone forgets when you go through something like this that it’s ok for things to get ugly for awhile. Ugly is good! It means things are changing. But since no one ever talks about this part, most people seem to feel like they are “doing change” wrong and so they quit. They give up right before it starts to get good because they don’t feel like ugly should be part of the equation. But it is! Ugly is where the magic happens.


I sat in the ugly for a long time. I’m glad I went through the ugly because it helped me to create this beautiful life I have today. And yes I created it. I made a decision about exactly how I wanted my life to be. What type of life I wanted to live. Who was in my life, what my career was like, the type of men I dated, all of it! I DECIDED and let me tell you- anyone who has ever wanted anything in their life and got it knew that making a decision was where it started. So that’s what I did. And guess what?

Amazing things started to happen.

The red carpet was rolled out for me.

Things I never in my life could have planned or thought would happen happened.

People got IN FORMATION and did things I never thought could happen so I could have this wonderful life.

All I did was show up and take the next logical step. It was like literal magic. At some points I even “tested the universe”, making ridiculous demands saying well if xyz can’t happen then I guess this wasn’t meant to be. And guess what? Xyz x 100 happened. Again and again, over and over.

I tried to write all of this down when I was going through the process but i know I forgot a lot of things. So many things happened, and they happened so fast. When it was all said and done it was like my mind couldn’t fathom or catch up to my new reality or what I’d done. It was both terrifying and awesome at the same time. So I spent around 9 months in my new life going a little crazy. Soaking up all the live music (oh I live in Nashville, TN), the new friends and the new guys I was dating and enjoying every damn minute of it.


I was happy, I was free and I had done it. It was like a big middle finger to that voice in my head that said it couldn’t be done. Yes it could, and I did it. See? Here I am. And I didn’t die.

Now I’ve come to expect that from life. Because I know the secret. I know what it takes to get what you want in life and what it means to go through all these stages and come out on the other side to tell the tale. I can walk the talk because I did it.

You cannot buy the kind of courage that it took for me to do what I did.

But I can teach you how to do it and that’s exactly the point of my podcast & the courses I create. My goal is to help you change your life just like I did. To have anything and everything you could ever want and more!

Your Turn

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