We Are Creating What We Speak

All day every day. Did you know that? Do you believe that?

The Create What You Speak podcast is a real life discussion on how to change your life by changing your thoughts, behaviors and ultimately how you talk and think about the situation you want to change. Hosted by Sloane Freemont, the show tells the story of how Sloane was able to blow up her old life (the one she hated) and create a totally new and amazing life in Nashville, TN.

Gone are the days of sadness and living as a spectator of her own life, Sloane is literally a new person and can teach you her secrets. This show is for anyone who is ready for real, open and honest stories about how change works and how you can incorporate it into your life.

The most popular places to listen are online at Webtalkradio.net , Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Abracadabra, now go forth and create what you speak.


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  • Give Rebellion a Rest March 23, 2020
    What an amazing time we are living in right now. I know it may not seem like it in the moment but things really are always working out for us if we choose to see it that way. On this week’s show, I talk about just coming out of a tornado here in Nashville to […]
  • The Universe F*cking Loves Me – Interview with Sara Arey March 16, 2020
    This week I’m excited to bring you an interview with a special guest Sara Arey and we are going to be talking about her book – The Universe F*cking Loves Me – Getting Out of Your Own Way and Into Your Flow. Sara’s book is an amazing reminder that we are protected, we can trust […]
  • Divine Nonchalance March 9, 2020
    Divine nonchalance is probably not something you’ve ever heard of. So what does it mean? I can tell you it’s not something that can be bought or sold. It’s not something that can be packaged. It’s not something that you can give someone or someone can give you. It comes from within. It comes from […]
  • Trust the Universe March 2, 2020
      It’s a new month and that means a new theme and March is all about deciding to trust the universe. On this week’s show I have yet another example to share with you of how when you decide its taken care of and to trust the universe, mountains can be moved and things can […]
  • You Have A Say In It – Deciding It’s Taken Care Of February 24, 2020
    Decisions send a powerful message to the universe (and yourself) that things are going to change. Things are going to be different, your results are going to change and you want something more for yourself than you have been living. What if you add another layer of power to that decision and not only make a […]

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