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Let’s hope this is still true
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Wren)
It's well-known that google is a defacto chinese military & intelligence asset working against Americans and our freedoms, as well as against freedom worldwide, but who can you trust?

It is now more clear than ever that very few companies can be trusted. Apple, Mozilla, Android (a google and linux joint venture), Microsoft and Amazon are all DEEPLY threatening to your privacy and freedoms, not just online.

Avoid Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox altogether. Uninstall them & replace them wherever possible.

Consider Brave Browser, Dissenter Browser or Opera Browser.
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Wren)
These aren't allegations made lightly or without evidnece: much of the evidence comes directly from google employees who have become so alarmed by what they saw they turned Whistleblowers. These good samaritans have had their lives threatened, been doxxed, and in one case google lied to Federal Law Enforcement in hopes it would lead to a situation in which the the FBI would kill him.
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Wren)
In our ongoing series of tech posts aimed at helping you stay safe, we'd like to discuss Web Browsers. Many people don't give their web browser a second thought and are unaware that it is a powerful tool to spy on you and track everything you do and say online.

One of the most popular web browsers out there is google chrome, renowned for its speed and reliability. But most who use it don't know how dangerous it is. Or how dangerous google itself is. Below are three articles highlighting the dangers:
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Wren)
This third article is among the most important, detailing Google's deep relationship and partnership with the Chinese Communist Government and Military to develop Surveillance tools and Artificial Intelligence for spying on, identifying & rounding up political enemies.
Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
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50,000 Italian businesses reopened this weekend in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown, peaceful resistance at it's finest.
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Wren)