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Forwarded from Vincent James
The women’s march in 2017 cost millions of dollars, took many months of planning, involved endless astroturfing by NGO’s, and featured speeches by famous actors and singers.

We turned out 100K people by posting memes on twitter for a week and paying no one.
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New episode this week comes with a pdf for you to use to develop your own Personal Awakening Map! Listen to this week's episode for more details on how to use this map to awaken to the life you desire to live:
An awakened mind cannot be controlled. This is the bottom line.
Forwarded from The Galactic Federation (Melissa Lima)
ASCENSION UPDATE: Collective consciousness must change
The current events around the US election 2020 are the best-case scenario to achieve an unprecedented awakening of the population on a massive scale. Ascension is a process that has different stages. The first step on the path to Ascension is the awakening from the matrix. This is achieved the moment an individual begins to question the system. When people are clearly shown the corruption and that things are not at all what they were told to be, the mind is triggered to think. We live in a brainwashed society throughout the entire world where people were programmed to cling to certain belief systems. Humanity is conditioned to believe what they have been taught. The educational system on our planet is designed to destroy a person's ability to engage in critical thinking. Toxins like fluoride have calcified the pineal gland to suppress the mind from thinking outside the box.
Forwarded from Hy Vibez
Forwarded from Narrow Path
Forwarded from Ali Zeck (Ali Zeck)
Until you learn this, you’re gonna be in a ton of pain.
Forwarded from Lion's Den (Moises Victoria)
Forwarded from Dr Tommy John
Step 1: shut off the news. Step 2: realize your body works with bacteria and viruses in order to ensure your survival. Step 3: start thinking about how you can level up your current internal environment to be able to adapt to your life choices and anything unpredictable some folks may have planned. Such as: belief in something greater than yourself, purpose, relationships, sleep/naps, meditation/prayer, outdoor light exposure, nourishment, movement. Step 4: take an inventory of those 8, be honest where you could improve on your choices. Step 5: never stop working with your body and listening to it, it will tell you what it needs, through feelings and symptoms. Your body is not flawed, weak, or dirty. It’s only purpose is to ensure your survival and it will do everything possible to protect you and make sure you stand that chance of accomplishing whatever you can dream of. Step 6: know you’re not alone.
Want to COMMAND SOVEREIGNTY? You will never get it by hoping... You GET TO CHOOSE TO DELCARE IT... There is no other way the Universe nor Creator will hear this statement... No other way this new software will be uploaded to your/the matrix/IDENTITY... No other way to ACCESS this MULTIVERSE... This DECLARATION is the CODE to WORLD WIDE FREEDOM... If that is what you seek... Declare your intent with AUTHORITY to God, to the Universe... I did this TWELVE times... Why take any chances... Why not practice your new Freedom?
( - Redpills to get to 5D consciousness - start at the beginning...
( - chat / newsdrops / decode together... WWG1WGA
Forwarded from New Earth Project (SolarArc)