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Two forces are pushing many in our day to this critical state: the corrupted state of a modern conformist lifestyle and the human proclivity toward self-deception. Conformity is neither good nor bad, rather its value is dependent on the way of life it promotes. If it promotes the healthy functioning of body and mind, conformity is good, if it stunts an individual’s development then conformity is bad. In the modern world conformity is more likely to cause us to regress from the ideal of full selfhood than to promote its flowering and this is due to the excessive focus that our society places on external values.
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“Put your energy into things you have a future with❤️
The intention behind 33 Days of Magic is to help you start to transform your life on a daily basis into a life you love to live. This template is intended to bring magic to what we might feel like is mundane. It’s intended to demonstrate that taking incremental changes daily and setting intentions with purpose can lead to a life you really want. It’s intended to give you your power back, help you to see that you are the creator of your own reality. You have always had all the power and you always will. You just have to decide how (and if) you are going to use it!

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My anger doesn’t have to hurt anyone. Wait, what? Hearing that statement was like a foreign concept to me. I thought that WAS the reason for anger. To hurt and inflict pain. Whether it was on others or myself. Realizing that anger doesn’t have to hurt anyone hit me like a ton of bricks, I had never considered that before. On this week’s show, I explore the topic of anger. Anger can be a confusing emotion and hard to know exactly how to handle it. I cover all that and more on this week’s show and I leave you with practical ways that you can come into a healthy relationship with anger, right now! Don’t miss this eye opening episode!
Something to consider before reading this post: Where have you been holding back in your life that you could consider expanding into your potential? Is there something you are overlooking because you feel like there is only "one" answer to the problem? What if you explored it more, what else do you think you might find?
This is a picture of learning to blend colors. I took an intro to watercolor class last week. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would and found it pretty relaxing. I liked it so much I signed up for another class. Have you learned something new lately?
Today I’m going to tell you the story about the birds in cage 4. This story is based on a study done with birds to understand schedules of reinforcement. What are schedules of reinforcement and why do the birds in cage 4 matter? Because this is an easy illustration to understand our own attachments as adults and how we are reacting to things in our own lives. I have an example to share with you about this from my own life, one that was particularly triggering for me and how I was able to overcome it. If you are an intuitive person, you are going to want to make sure you listen to this episode. You may be using your own intuition against yourself and I share some thoughts on what you can do about it to stop that behavior. My intention with this episode is to help you sort through your own patterns and attachment styles and find a breakthrough in an area you might be feeling misunderstood. Don’t miss this stimulating episode!
“We live in a culture that not only incentivizes but glorifies what I call communication cold wars.
A communication cold war is a battle to see who’s going to text first, who’s going to be the first to “break down” and admit they miss the other, who’s going to put themselves in the vulnerable position of openly admitting they have feelings.
In a culture that cautions you against “catching feelings” in the first place, losing the communication cold war seems to cost you dearly. “