Where Do We Go From Here? Part 2

This week the conversation continues about where we go from here. This week’s episode specifically focuses on where we go from here with our energy. On this episode, I touch on what I mean by The Great Awakening, moving into 5d consciousness, the outlook for the future and how to manage this energetically. This is a packed episode with lots of great content that will help set the foundation for future episodes. Don’t miss it!  Remember: question everything, trust yourself, find YOUR truth!

If you missed Part 1 of the series, you can find it here. Songs this week include Sound of Silence by Disturbed and Seasons by Chris Cornell.  My new social media accounts include ParlerMeWe and my Telegram Channel. Please join us, it’s free! Also, don’t forget to visit 33daysofmagic.com to take what you learn in this show one step further and apply it in your own life! You can find more information about me on my website https://sloanefreemont.com.

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