Sloane Freemont is the host of the Create What You Speak Podcast. She also co-hosts another podcast where she interviews authors to discuss their books. Additionally, Sloane is available as a professional voice actress. Here is what people have to say after working with Sloane….


You’re a true professional as I feel my interview-experience was made quite comfortable by your general approach and dynamic presence.  You seem to be a talented listener, and display much skill and balance within your abilities to expound upon your thoughts. I think you’re in the right line of work! 

Craig M.


You are a terrific interview!

John J.


I just listened to the interview again and was again so impressed by and grateful for your understanding and assistance in clarifying the enormous issues involved. 

Peter C.


Thank you and I appreciate what you did to help me with the interview. It was a blast!!

Joy B.


Thanks for your time in interviewing me today. You made me feel comfortable which is difficult for me oftentimes. 

Megan D.


It was such a pleasure having you as my interviewer.  You created a relaxed atmosphere. And now I fully understand why there wasn’t a preview of questions.

Jeff H.

If you’d like to find out more about working with Sloane, please email producerlynn3 at for more details.