What is Defi? Why Do You Need to Pay Attention to It? Interview with Anthony Bertolino

What is decentralized finance? Why do you need to pay attention to it? I’m really excited about this conversation because we get to talk about one of my favorite topics, finances! On this week’s show you’ll learn the ins and outs of decentralized finance from Anthony Bertolino. Things are changing rapidly in this space and you may be surprised to learn some of the ways you can leverage these changes for your benefit. Anthony and I touch on the core of what defi is, how it’s impacting the marketplace and how you can invest in crypto in your IRA. Anthony gives a lot of great insight into what is going on in this space and how you can take advantage of it to free yourself financially. If you’re new to defi or even if you’ve been around it for awhile, there is something in this episode for everyone to learn.

More about Anthony: Anthony brings 7+ years of cross disciplinary experience in Strategy, Customer Support, Sales and Marketing. He is focused on expanding the iTrust brand through strategic partnerships while helping ensure clients receive a memorable experience at every touchpoint. He studied Blockchain Technology at the University of California, Berkeley and is passionate about building early fundamental investment theses for crypto assets and their associated networks. You can connect with Anthony on Twitter at https://twitter.com/iDecentralized and https://twitter.com/iTrustCapital and also at http://www.iTrustCapital.com.

The book mentioned in this episode is How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

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