We Can’t Predict What We Will Grow From

This week I’m excited to welcome back Lawrence Rook to the show. Lawrence is the author of “Your Money, Your Mind”, a book that explores both skeptical thinking and how to protect yourself from the wealth transfer we are currently experiencing. If you missed my previous interview with Lawrence, you can find it here Using Skepticism to Free Your Mind & Take Control of Your Finances.

In the last interview I did with Lawrence, we touched on both the financial side and the skeptical thinking side. For today’s discussion, we are talking about the more spiritual side of things to help you take control of your life and your sovereignty so you can create the kind of life you want to create. We talk about what it means to be someone who is seeking truth and wants to understand what’s really going on, how you can’t always blindly trust the alternative media just because they are alternative, how to use discernment and this spiritual journey we are all on often consists of a breakdown of self as you begin to relearn what you thought you knew. We discuss polarization and how that can be used to divide and rule people, why it’s important to take what works and leave the rest and how everything starts from within.

In this episode, Lawrence made the comment that we can’t always predict what we are going to grow from and we don’t really know what is best for us. We are part of an intelligent universe that wants the best for us and can see the bigger picture when we can’t. I loved that comment so much I called that the title of the episode because I thought it was a great reminder. This was an amazing conversation with so much great information for anyone who is seeking truth, exploring alternative paths and wants to be part of the solution. Don’t miss this episode, this is one you are going to want to listen to a few times to let it all sink in!

Watch the interview with Lawrence here:


More About the book: Your Money, Your Mind: With open-minded thinking we can see beyond conventional systems. Knowledge equates to freedom, and with the expanded perspective gained from exposure to alternative information we can have more choice and sovereignty in our lives.

People are becoming more aware of the outdated systems that govern our society. Change is happening!

However, still only a few know how the financial system operates and how to create independence with this knowledge.

Since the ‘covid response’ we have experienced a dramatic increase in the implementation of monetary policies that for decades have benefited the few to the cost of the many.

This book outlines the importance of sceptical thinking and transposes this to the monetary system.

This book will teach you how:

  • The global financial system benefits the few and not the many
  • The Covid response is causing a global wealth transfer
  • To protect and grow your wealth with bitcoin, gold and silver

By understanding the financial system you can protect, preserve and grow your wealth at a time when it is being systematically taken from us.

Take control of your money and wealth today and be part of the global change!

About Lawrence Rook: Lawrence has been a researcher of alternative information for many years, particularly in the field of health and wellbeing, and more recently the worldwide financial system. He is a professional Chirologist and has a background in healthcare with a degree in Chinese medicine. Lawrence lives in Devon, England with his wife and two young children currently studying for a doctorate in counselling psychology and psychotherapy.

Lawrence can be contacted via his website: http://www.lawrencerook.com. You can purchase his book, Your Money, Your Mind: How Open, Sceptical Thinking Improves Your Life and Can Protect You From the Pandemic Wealth Transfer, on Amazon and other online retailers. You can purchase the audio version here.

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