Universal Forces Working In Our Favor

How would you define universal forces? Do you believe they are in play and we just can’t see them? How do you explain those nudges you get to do something, which make no sense at the time, only to find out later there was a specific reason or purpose for what that nudge pulled you to do? This is a fascinating topic for sure!

In this episode, Dr. Erhard Vogel joins the show to talk about Universal Forces Working in Our Favor. Erhard shares an amazing story about a sapphire necklace he bought 40 years ago for his now daughter-in-law (who wasn’t even born yet when he bought it). At the time Erhard bought the necklace, he was traveling the world with very little money and purchasing this necklace was completely out of character for him and made no sense given his circumstances. Yet something compelled him to do it and he listened.

In this episode we discuss universal forces in detail, how we can tune in and participate with these universal forces working on our behalf and how we can tell when we get a “signal” from these forces. We also touch on instances where we are intentional about what we want and forces work in our favor as well as where we are nudged or called to do something (that makes no sense at the time) and we see later the impact that calling had.

If you want to hear more about Erhard’s remarkable story of the sapphire necklace and how you can begin to recognize the signals in your life, don’t miss this episode. This is a very extraordinary interview and I know you will love this conversation!

You can watch the interview with Erhard here:

More about Dr. Erhard Vogel: Erhard is recognized as one of the foremost meditation and self-realization teachers in the world. He is the founder of the Nataraja Yoga Ashram in San Diego. Erhard teaches only from direct experience. With clarity and simplicity, he demystifies the fundamental questions of life and guides students to find the answers within themselves. His step-by-step teachings and easy to implement techniques have made Self-realization attainable for tens of thousands worldwide. You can find out more about Erhard, his books, connect on social media and sign up for his Pearls of Wisdom here: https://yogameditationnataraja.org.  Get your copy of Erhard’s other books, and his most recent book:  A Dialogue with Death: The Teacher of Life on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3QU7TFP.

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