The Key to Creating What You Speak

If you’ve listened to the show, you’ve heard me say that our thoughts matter. What we think sets the basis for how we live out our life. Whether your thoughts are good or bad, your life is going to move in the direction those thoughts take you. After you start to change your thoughts,it doesn’t stop there. So what comes next?  I’m so glad you asked because this episode is all about the key to creating what you speak!

Dr. Erhard Vogel joins me in this episode for our monthly conversation and we really break down what it means to “Create What You Speak”. I’ve never done a deep dive into what that means…until this episode! Erhard and I share some key steps you can take today to really start experiencing yourself and being engaged in your life.  We also answer a listener’s question about the unempowering strategy of dissociating during pain and Erhard provides insight on how to look at a situation like that differently.

You can watch this interview here:

What is next for you? Last month we posed a challenge to you, the listener, asking what is next for you after listening to this episode? And we are asking you the same this month! One action you could take right now is to reach out to Erhard and I and let us know how you plan to implement what you heard in this episode. Please reach out and share your thoughts! Have you been able to experience anything different as a result of this conversation? Please let us know!  We welcome any questions or comments you have or any other topics you would like us to cover.

You can reach Erhard at and you can reach Sloane at We look forward to hearing your comments, questions and suggestions!

More about Erhard Vogel: Erhard Vogel, PhD, is recognized as one of the foremost meditation and Self-realization teachers in the world. Born in war-torn Germany, Dr. Vogel immigrated to the United States at age fourteen. He graduated from the Pratt Institute of Design in New York, and at an early age rose to a respected position in a world-renowned architectural firm. At thirty-one, he set aside a brilliant career in architecture to devote himself to the service of humanity.For four years Erhard, as he likes to be called by his students, traveled the globe on foot. He lived in Europe, the Middle East, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and China, thoroughly researching the ways in which people of different cultures seek fulfillment. He saw the underlying need in everyone to fulfill their potential.

In India Erhard met two of the world’s most renowned luminous Masters, who welcomed him into their midst and invited him to teach among the Himalayan sages—a rare distinction for a westerner. He lived for an extended period of time in a Himalayan cave in a remote sacred area. Living in utter joy and luminosity, Erhard remembered how so many people throughout the world suffer. He returned home to address the problems and aspirations of our contemporary society with his teachings. Following a lecture tour spanning the United States, Europe and Canada, he came to San Diego and founded The Nataraja Yoga Ashram, a not-for-profit organization.

Erhard’s teachings are a unique combination of time-tested wisdom and pragmatic method. His fundamental, experiential and systematic approach is based upon sound psychological, physiological and spiritual principles that make meditation and Self-realization practical and attainable. Erhard teaches not from books nor from other people’s ideas, but out of his own profound life experience. Through his depth of knowledge he is able to inspire and gently guide sincere students to the experience of their limitless potential. With unconditional acceptance and unwavering respect for the Being they are, he inspires his students to recognize their real Self and to treat themselves with trust and kindness.

Since 1969, Erhard has taught tens of thousands of students throughout the world. He continues to travel regularly to India and teach among the sages in the Himalayas, where he is recognized as a Master Teacher. He has authored three additional books: Self-healing Through The Awareness Of Being; Journey Into Your Center; The Four Gates: A Saga Of The Human Being On The Path From The Pit Of Despair To The Realm Of Fulfillment, From Confusion To Clarity, Culminating In The Deepest Realization; and A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life: An Ancient Story For The Modern World, as well as numerous audio recordings of guided meditations and teachings. Erhard currently offers courses on site and online through The Nataraja Meditation and Yoga Center in San Diego, California. You can find out more about Erhard and his teachings here:

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