The B.S. Method

Badass on the outside but unsure on the inside? The fix is inside your head and I’m going to teach you all the secrets. On this week’s show, I’m proud to announce that my new course, The B.S. Method is now live! The B.S. Method (B.S. stands for Better Stories) and teaches you how to tell yourself a better story in 5 minutes or less. Yes, 5 minutes!

Every day you wake up and there is a script playing in your head. It’s been writing itself since the day you were born, and it’s influencing every decision you make on a subconscious level.  Once you understand how these stories are subtly impacting every vital area of your life, you can finally change your subconscious to start building the lifestyle you want.  The B.S. Method teaches you how to rewire your mind so it can start telling yourself better stories (in 5 minutes or less).

Why do stories matter so much? Because your focus creates reality. Even the things you don’t realize you’re focusing on. Your mind blocks you from success by always taking the path of least resistance. With the wrong stories playing in your head, your inner subconsciousness will resist change and create its own obstacles to prevent you from reaching your goals.
People who have the wrong stories playing in their head…

  • Get expensive degrees that never turn into careers with meaning.
  • Get married because they think they were “supposed to”, not realizing it was more about making someone else happy.
  • Work hard, make a living, but somehow feel less than satisfied.
  • Do things the “right way” throughout life but end up wondering if they were just doing things someone else’s way the entire time.

There’s a reason life coaches don’t work out for everyone. Most are hyper-focused on “FIXING” what’s missing from your personality. This is 100% wrong. There is nothing to fix.Instead, master how to rewire your mind so it can start telling the stories that help you take advantage of your natural talent and start manifesting the things you want to happen.
The B.S. Method teaches you how to tell yourself a better story in 5 minutes or less. Here’s what you get with the course:
You get access to:

  • 7 Modules that teach you how to tell yourself a better story IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS (no joke!) These modules teach you how to tell better stories about your relationships, your health/body, your finances and your general well-being.
  • 4 Checklists to help you determine your new story for your relationships, your health/body, finances and general well being.
  • 4 Templates to create your new go-to stories about your relationships, health/body, finances and general well-being.
  • 69 example scripts you can use or modify to help you tell new stories along with 63 script prompts to get you started.
  • Over 2 hours of audio and video that walk you through the process (NO GUESSWORK!) All materials are mobile friendly, so you can take and learn anywhere.
  • 3 iOS wallpapers you can use as the home image on your phone to remind yourself how to tell a better story.
  • Membership into a private Gab group to ask questions and have discussions with others about the course.
  • This course is instant access to my private Cheat Sheet that has every shortcut and secret I’ve been using so you can just copy the steps I’ve been taking to create the life you’ve always wanted!

The current price is $48.88 until 5/24/21. After that, the price increases by 100%. I wanted to offer this low introductory price to those who wanted to jump in early and take action. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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