Talking Freedom of Speech & Censorship with the Founder of Retalk_

My guest today is Pete Zaborszky, creator of the new social network site Retalk_ has one goal: To facilitate civil discussion between people in the political center, and center right (and center left if they engage in a civil way), about any topic.

Pete and I talk about censorship & why he created Retalk_, we discuss the impact censorship has on all of us psychologically and how now more than ever we need to be able to have thoughtful conversations with each other online. We talk about how the woke voices are currently the loudest and their desire to get everyone in 100% agreement on every topic (which we all know will never happen). Pete shares what it’s like to be the CEO of a free speech site and how sticking to his values helps him make decisions in those sticky moments. If you are tired  of silicon valley censoring your voice (aren’t we all?), check out, the fastest growing non-woke social network. You can watch my interview with Pete here:

More about Pete Zaborszky: Pete Zaborszky is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded a privacy advocate organization, and now is the CEO and founder of Born in Soviet Hungary, growing up in both the UK and Hungary, Pete strongly believes in individual liberty and freedom of speech. This led him to create Retalk, a new social network for people frustrated with the censorship of Silicon Valley big tech. Retalk is built to encourage civil discussion. Conversations are grouped around interests, like gardening or history or politics. It also includes its own blogging platform with a ready-made audience. Retalk is run by people who welcome conservative/right-wing and center-right views. You can connect with Pete & the Retalk_ team here:

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