Surviving and Thriving When Sh*t Hits the Fan – Interview with Dan Thomas

The sh*t has hit the fan for most of us one way or another over the past year and a half. We had plans and dreams that were forced to shift direction due to lockdowns and other unknowns. In this episode, I have a conversation with Dan Thomas, known as The Wetware IA about his experience of not only surviving but thriving when sh*t hit the fan.

Dan is a direct response copywriter and certified blockchain solution architect who helps people in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT spaces. Dan shares his story of leaving his well-paying 9-5 job after 15 years to follow his passion and go out on his own doing projects he loved. He quit his job right before his country went into lockdown and was forced to change his launch plans for his new business. But he did it, and he not only survived but thrived during this time!

Dan’s story is inspiring because it shows you can get out of the box, follow your dreams AND succeed no matter what is going on around you. You don’t have to continue working a job you hate and yes you can follow your passions. If you are feeling stuck or like you are  waiting for the perfect time to follow your dreams, make sure to listen to this episode until the end. Dan shares his secrets for success, getting out of your own head and how to move past imposter syndrome. He also shares some of the cool projects he’s been able to work on like The Fakefluencer movie. Don’t miss it!

To learn more about Dan and connect with him, you can reach him on  LinkedIn and his website –  The Wetware, IA. You can find out more about The Fakefluencer film and stream it here.

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