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  • Closing Out Old Chapters June 29, 2020
    Closing out old chapters doesn’t always mean we are closing them out with someone else, a job or moving to a new city. Sometimes closing out old chapters means closing out things with ourselves that no longer serve us. On this week’s show, I share some examples of how I finally decided to stop entertaining […]
  • You Get to Choose Your Beliefs June 22, 2020
    What an example I have for you this week about getting to choose your own beliefs!! As I was thinking about telling you about what happened this week, my mind was actually blown. In this episode, I share with you an example of what happened when I was at a bar and the varying perspectives of […]
  • But … Are You Still Getting What You Want? June 15, 2020
    The question for today’s show title popped into my head this week. As I was thinking about everything that is going on in the world and my [insert emotion] about it, I heard the question “but…are you still getting what you want?”. As in yes, all this is going on around you, but are you finding you’re still […]
  • Your Focus is Your SuperPower June 8, 2020
    Your focus is your superpower but finding something that feels good to focus on right now isn’t the easiest thing. On this week’s show, I talk about my own struggle over the past two weeks with finding ways to feel good when nothing else was working. My normal practices just didn’t feel good to me […]
  • Encore – You Have a Say In It – Deciding It’s Taken Care Of June 1, 2020
    I’m still on vacation this week so enjoy another encore of one of my favorite episodes! Decisions send a powerful message to the universe (and yourself) that things are going to change. Things are going to be different, your results are going to change and you want something more for yourself than you have been living. […]
  • Trust The Universe – Encore May 25, 2020
    Welcome to the last week of May! I’m on vacation this week so I’m rerunning one of my favorite episodes about trusting the universe. I especially needed to hear this message this week and my intention is you are listening to this at the right time too. On this week’s show I have yet another […]
  • I Only Speak Positively About My Body May 18, 2020
    What a simple concept but one probably not often thought about – to only speak positively about our bodies. I remember thinking when someone else said this to me that I didn’t even know that was an option because it wasn’t something I’ve ever considered before! But since then, I’ve adopted this belief in my own life […]
  • Expanding Your Limits May 11, 2020
    I think we all have those things we just think aren’t possible. Things we just don’t think could ever happen in a million years and for that reason, we continue the same patterns of thought on the topic, even though we don’t like the results we are getting. I had a situation like that in my life and […]
  • Let It Be a New Beginning May 4, 2020
    One of the songs this week I chose was called Begin Againers and I love the intro line to the song: “There’s nothing like a blank page, you get to start from scratch. It could be anything man there’s no catch.” Don’t we all love getting a new notebook, or starting with a blank page […]
  • The Compound Effect April 27, 2020
    It’s easy to believe that the little things we do (and don’t do) every day don’t really matter in the long run. We often diminish these things and shrug them off when in reality, those small things are what we should be paying attention to in order to see lasting change in our lives. On this […]