Opportunities Are All Around Us & You Have More Power Than You Realize (Solo Show)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a solo show so this week I share some thoughts with you on the opportunities that are all around us and how we all have much more power than we are willing to realize.

In this episode, I share some examples from my own life about how I was able to create opportunities when on the surface it looked like there were none. One of those examples was when I was jobless, poor and not really having any idea what to do next, I saw an opportunity in an underutilized space and was able to create a blog and a podcast which eventually led to my 12 year career in IT consulting.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in your box and looking for a way to get out, this episode is for you. In this short episode, I will give you several ways to think about things in your life differently. My intention is you will be able to take something from what you’ve heard here and it will lead you to the next step on your path. You can watch the video below and please be sure to connect with me on social media from the links below!

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