Journeying Into the Underworld & Building a Relationship With the Darkness 

This week we are going to journey into the underworld to understand what it is, what it can offer you and the importance of building a relationship with it. Dr. Joanna LaPrade joins me this week to discuss her new book “Forged In Darkness – The Many Paths to Personal Transformation”.  This book is about learning how your experiences of hardship—moments of darkness, resonate with different mythic underworld journeys. Through opening a world of myth, psychology, storytelling, dreams, and symbolism it invites you to treat the inevitable darkness of life as a forge of transformation and growth.

In this episode, we discuss how fixing, control, and willpower dominate our relationship with hardship and the inner world and why that attitude is limiting if used all the time. There are many ways to be with and learn from suffering and we talk about how this book can help you find yours. We also discuss accepting the challenges of life and knowing ourselves at a deep level is difficult but how it also brings meaning, depth, capacity, and opportunities for profound transformation.  I also share my own experience of what I learned from reading “Forged in Darkness” after the recent loss of my father and insights I gained from the book.

Forged in Darkness encourages readers to work with archetypes in mythology to stop rejecting the darkness within and instead learn to embrace it.  When we search within, we find the underworld – lost connections, failed enterprises, haunting memories, insecurities, and unfamiliar parts of ourselves.

Today, the underworld is poorly understood, even disparaged. We have abandoned the depths to prioritize an unblemished, positive life. Viewed as pathological and approached with solution-focused techniques we banish both the terror and the richness of the inner world.

You can watch this interview here:

Drawing on the work of C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell, LaPrade unites self-discovery with mythology, inviting you to notice how your life may resonate with different underworld journeys. There are many ways to imagine our encounters with suffering and our deep selves as necessary to growth and transformation. Let this book help you find yours.

You can connect with Dr. Joanna LaPrade at her website and get your copy of “Forged in Darkness – The Many Paths to Personal Transformation” on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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