Having What You Want But Unable to See It

Have you ever wanted something so bad and felt like you weren’t going to ever get it? That it was always some far off date that you could never quite obtain? I’ve felt like that in multiple areas of my life, so you can imagine my surprise when I had two experiences where strangers pointed out I had exactly what I said I wanted in my life with both my relationship and my podcast business. At first I actually resisted the notion for both but after I thought about it more, I realized “wait a minute, they were right!”

In this episode, I share the two examples from my own life where I was stunned to find what I said I wanted was actually already right in front of me. I’ve always been annoyed by the phrase “everything you want is already here” because I never understood how that could be true, until now. In this episode, I also share my thoughts on why it’s important to get clear about what we want, how our perspectives influence what we see, and how you can start to look at things differently in your own life right now. I think you’re going to love this episode, don’t miss it!

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