Finding Something To Look Forward To

This week we are talking about finding something to look forward to. This has been something I’ve struggled with lately as it seems like there is nothing to look forward to and that isn’t the best place to be! On this episode, I talk about finding something to look forward to in the little things every day, why this is important and how this helps you to start to take your power back. These little things may seem small and insignificant, but they yield enormous power right now. Deciding to look forward to the little things is how we start to take our power back from situations that feel hopeless. This is where we show ourselves that we do have power over our lives, no matter what is going on! Rather than focusing on what is outside of us and craving control over things we don’t have any control over, we can decide to see things differently. You are the creator of your reality and life is only going to show up for you in a way that you think it will and you get to decide how you want that to go!Resources mentioned this week include Pretty Things by Janelle BrownFascia Blasting by Ashley Black and online Zumba classes (a lot are free!).
Songs this week include Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R. & I Feel Good About This by the Mowgli’s. If you want to connect, I’ve created a private Tapatalk group for us to get to know each other more! Please join us, it’s free. Also, don’t forget to visit to take what you learn in this show one step further and apply it in your own life!

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