Creating a Crypto Strategy

Six months ago when I started with crypto, I felt like a kid in a candy store. This whole new financial world had opened up for me which was so fascinating, exciting and confusing, all at the same time. There was so much to learn, I’d spend hours consuming blogs, reading telegram channels and trying things on my own until my comfort level improved. The biggest thing I felt like was missing for me when I got started in crypto, was creating a crypto strategy or plan for myself. When I got started, I treated it like the wild wild west where I was moving from one thing to the next, buying this and buying that and before I knew it, I had spent a lot more money than I intended to spend!

Part of the process of getting started with something like this, is just to get started. You have to actually do things to understand them and once you do those things you have a better idea of why you should or shouldn’t do those things again. I can now look back and start to put some order to my approach to crypto and formulate a plan for how I want to move forward. This episode is meant to give you some ideas so you can do the same for yourself. I am not an expert in crypto or financial advisor and this episode is not meant to be financial advice. However, I am a beginner. And beginners often have great perspectives because they don’t know any better! Beginners don’t put limitations on things. So we just do some things that seem right based on what we’ve read, what others have told them or just by dumb luck! My intention with this episode is to help others who are interested in getting started in crypto or are new to crypto so you can create your own crypto strategy.  PointPay was mentioned in this episode as a way to easily stake your crypto and earn interest.

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