Conventional Relationship Wisdom is Wrong! Learn the Secrets to Better Relationship Decisions with Jerry Brook

Jerry Brook is the only author who did not write a book. After yet another failed relationship, he had finally decided that it was time to throw in the towel. He had failed again and not just subtly, but miserably.

After this failed relationship, Jerry threw himself into his work and began studying Artificial Intelligence. The question he had to ask was, “What is intelligence and what does it mean to be intelligent?” The short answer is decision making. That only led him to then ask, “What is the correct way to make decisions?” It was during learning about decision making that he had an epiphany, an aha moment.

Jerry discovered he was making bad decisions in his relationships based on incorrect information. He had asked for, and gotten advice from, family and friends alike. Jerry would even go as far as to read magazine articles from supposed experts on the topic. There is an old saying in the world of computers, “Garbage in, Garbage out” meaning if you start with, or input, unusable information, the computer will return unusable information. What’s more, he realized that was undoubtedly the same thing that his relationship partners were doing as well.

Jerry’s book, Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships, is a collection of the notes that he made to himself: what he did, what he didn’t do, and what he could have done better. Jerry also created an app, The Good Together Game, as an easy, actionable, way for people to forge better bonds and have better relationships.

Jerry and I cover so much in this interview! We talk about how to make better relationship decisions, why you need to define your needs vs. wants (which lead to your expectations), what a healthy relationship is (and isn’t) and how day-to-day interactions impact our relationships. Jerry explains why conventional wisdom (or wis-dumb as he calls it) is flat out wrong and how you can start doing differently instead. There is life changing information awaiting you in this episode and Jerry explains it in such a clear and easy way. If you are looking to improve your romantic, business or personal relationships, do not miss this episode!

You can watch the interview with Jerry here:

More About Jerry Brook: Speaker and Author Jerry Brook, the Good Together Guru, fuses his relationship experience with a background in analytics to help others maintain better relationships. As an Industrial Computer Controls Specialist, Jerry’s experience in problem solving and analytical thinking inspired him to look at relationships in a new and unique way. In addition, he also draws on his own personal relationships to offer practical, intelligent, and sometimes funny relationship stories and advice.

Jerry chronicled his personal relationship failures, what he did, why he did it, and what he could have done differently, in his book, Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships. One of the more profound things that he discovered is that the prevailing relationship information, advice, and conventional wisdom, is not simply inaccurate, in some instances it can be harmful to the users.

He is the one and only Relationship Coach who is anti-conventional wis-dumb, and who refrains from giving relationship advice. Instead, he focuses on the practical, not the fanciful. He believes in teaching others about relationships, not telling them about relationships. He shows you the why and how, but he does not tell you the what. If you know the why and the how you can determine the what. It is your relationship to define, not his to dictate.

He is so serious about helping people with finding, building, and maintaining healthy relationships that he created The Good Together Game app, a game with a purpose. The Good Together Game app removes much of the stresses associated with forging better relationship bonds.

Jerry currently lives in Houston, Texas. You can download The Good Together Game App, get your copy of Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships and connect with Jerry at his website


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