Communicating In Ways Other People Can Hear

Communication is a two-way street and everyone’s communication styles are different. Different doesn’t mean bad, it just means different. With that in mind, it’s important to remind ourselves that just because we prefer one communication method, it doesn’t mean everyone in our life is going to want the same. So paying attention to our own communication style as well as understanding what others’ preferences are, can go a long way to improving our relationships.

On this episode, Alex Martin is back on the show to talk about communicating in ways people can hear. I absolutely love that title because so often people communicate without ever noticing or caring if the person they are speaking to is actually hearing what they are saying.  We also talk about conflict resolution and pathways to redemption. Alex and I both share examples from our own lives of how we have been able to speak up about our own needs to get more out of the relationships we have with other people.

If better communication interests you, and/or you’re looking for improved ways to handle conflict resolution, tune into this episode! I think there is going to be something valuable for everyone who listens to improve communication in their own lives. Enjoy!

You can watch this interview with Alex Martin here:

About Alex Martin: Alex is a videographer and producer who believes in the importance of good communication. You can connect with Alex at his website or by email You can also check out his Youtube Channel at

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