Change So Subtle, You Didn’t Even Notice It

The other day someone mentioned something to me about a current event, expecting me to be mad, and I just wasn’t. Surprised by this, the person then asked me “Well doesn’t this make you mad”? I thought about it for a minute and I said “No, it actually doesn’t because I’ve just stopped caring about the current events that I have no control over and that are hyped up by corporate media with the intention of keeping me in fear or rage.”

I thought about that afterwards and wondered: when did I stop caring? I don’t really remember when the change occured,  it just happened. I can’t pinpoint the day or the time that I stopped caring. I just stopped. This led me to consider how different I am as a person as a result of this change, of not caring about whatever it is I’m “supposed” to care about.

This is an interesting observation about life because it got me thinking about how I’ve changed in other ways and wondering when did those changes occur as well? Again, I couldn’t pinpoint it to a day or time, but change had definitely happened.

There is definitely change that happens to us that is abrupt such as losing a job, a break up or a death. But there is also A LOT of change that happens that isn’t abrupt and as you are going through it, it doesn’t even feel like change. It is so subtle and so slow, it almost seems like nothing is happening until you look back and you can see how different you are, know where you came from and recognize that change occurred.

The interesting thing about change is when it happens, and we haven’t recognized it, things can feel prickly or irritating or annoying and we may not know why. Maybe we can’t be in certain situations we once were or we can’t be around the same people anymore but we don’t know why. If you are finding this happening to you, one place to look is within and see if something has changed for you that maybe you haven’t noticed.

This week I share my thoughts on change that is so subtle, we don’t even notice it, how to recognize it in your life and and why you should look back at this and protect the change that  benefits you at all costs!

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