Becoming Friends with Your Emotions

As humans, our emotions serve a purpose. Up until now, I had a really hard time understanding what that purpose was. I’ve spent most of my life fighting my emotions. I have run from my emotions, pretended they weren’t there, ignored them and tried to wish them away. But none of that ever changed anything.

We can’t run from our emotions and fighting them is exhausting and painful. So I’ve been doing a little experiment with becoming friends with my emotions. And guess what? Once I got past my ego and my own stories about how hard this was going to be, I actually have been experiencing some pretty life changing results.

On this week’s show, I share some examples of what I went through prior to and after becoming friends with my emotions. I give you some tips on recognizing your own lies about your emotions and then I offer some suggestions you can try for your own experiment to become friends with your emotions. I was surprised to find that becoming friends with my emotions wasn’t as painful or as bad as I thought it would be.

Becoming friends with my emotions has helped me to find emotional regulation and live life from a more steady and balanced place.  And who doesn’t want that?! Tune in this week to learn more.

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