Adjust Accordingly

Adjust accordingly. I like those words. Just saying them brings almost instant relief to me because it reminds me that I don’t have to continue whatever I’m doing with a rigid perspective and rigid actions. In fact, I don’t even have to continue doing anything at all. I can change my mind. I can change my plans. I can change whatever the hell I want because this is my life and I’m in control of it. I create my own reality! Too often I have found myself forgetting that I can adjust accordingly and it’s not until I’m at my breaking point that I give myself the permission to do so. That’s not a way to live!

On this week’s show I share some thoughts on being able to adjust accordingly. I was looking back over the past year and I was surprised to find that I had grown in areas I didn’t think I’d grown at all. I credit this to being able to adjust accordingly.  I have some relatable examples to share with you as well as the benefits to making these changes. My intention with this episode is to remind you to give yourself permission to adjust accordingly and to remember to do so as often as you need to!

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