The stories we tell ourselves (positive and negative) create our reality. What is the reality that you are creating? Yes, we are living in crazy and stressful times with new pressures being put on us daily. The good news is, you don’t have to succumb to this fear-fueled drama. Navigating your reality to a place of success starts with taking control of your thoughts. The Create What You Speak podcast will help you chart the path to the destination you desire (and deserve). It’s time to finally put those worn-out stories on repeat to rest once and for all.

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Sloane Freemont will help you take control of your inner voice – that voice that can propel you – or hold you back. Changing your thoughts is the first step, but it doesn’t stop there. You must take the action, the right kind of action, to get what you desire and Sloane can show you how. Getting into the mindset that your goal is a requirement and not a dream will allow the unfolding of a new life. There is no lottery ticket, Princess or Prince Charming coming to save you. YOU are the person you have been waiting for! Join Sloane to learn how to free your mind and live free in an unfree world.

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